Friday, December 4, 2009

So many wonderful folks in my life doing expansive projects. I want to celebrate all that they do.     

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank you for the music

Worry, doubt, and fear are nasty things when they come seeping out. They ooze out from small crevices in my ego - lower self. Some say its the greatest sin, because it shows lack of faith.
Once it takes hold, they can suffocate me. Yet, one way I combat it is with listening to music.
Thank You Emery Carl for giving your gift of music.
"The Violet Flame" - - - reminds me of the beautiful consuming flame as a gift from Saint Germaine.
"Miracles" - - - reminds me to giggle and not to take things to seriously

Monday, November 30, 2009


I was listening to the radio show speaking of faith. I do not remember who it was being interviewed. The statement was " In the muslim and jewish traditions there are requiered ativities, where as the christians just have faith to rely on."
As a Quaker child I was taught that my entire life was an expression of my religion. How I worked or played. How I rested, what I read. My daily activities proved to me and all around me the strenght of my christian ideals. Everyday is Sunday - deserving of

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Web sites I recommend       By Elyse     by Karen Armstrong      By Krista Tippett

Hope you enjoy some of my influences.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To my Phaedrus

When we were introduced 30 years ago, professors said you were complicated. You hid your secrets from the world. You were discussed, but they told me your true meaning was allusive.
I looked at the black board staring at your thoughts and you were astonishingly clear. I couldn't believe you were so blatantly obvious. Why didn't they see you?
I jumped up to tell all that would listen to your secrets. Half way thru my outburst of telling your secrets, I started worrying I was betraying you. I ran from the room. I read some where that mystical secrets needed to stay that way.
Can I tell them now? The world is awakening. Conscious creation is apart of the worlds discussion.
Now that 30 years have pased, is there more you want to tell me?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Charter for has started.
Thank you Karen Armstrong for bring this to us.
I teach my son to play nice with the other kids and to feel thier point of view.
We as adults don't do it enough ourselves. No matter what our belief system is we are still heading in the same direction. To a place of loving our nieghbor.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I need to be grateful everyday.
I am grateful for my house and all that it gives me.
I am grateful for the oppritunity to work my dream job.
I am grateful for my health always improving.

Yes Mr. Emerson gratitude is very important along with positive thought leading to inspired action.
Some days thats hard to remember and other days its easy.
Today the mental fortitude has led to a day of gratitude.

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I over heard the cutest converstion at work the other day. One of the musicians that was playing had just finished a song, with an expression on his face of hopeful expectation. A girls across from him told him that he had dropped something. The musician rolled his eyes waiting for applause. She happily said "you dropped your smile. Now pick it up".
Smiling is contagious. Once someone starts it spreads so quickly.
I smile with customers... 
I need to smile more at home for no one but me.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

As I travel thru this path of self - awareness I relate to the new info with my pottery. It seems natural for me to comunicate thru clay.
A psycic told me I had to find contentment. So here it is as a reminder of all that I must focus on.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have not blogged for awhile.
My I AM has been lost.
The reason is that my ex has been around the house lately. When things are not going well for him he comes to the house. The latest girl friend broke up with him, work is slow or he is not feeling well.
When he is around I loose myself.
I am not me.
Me gets put some where on a shelf in the back closet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am a Quaker.
I am what they call a birth rite. It means I was born into a family with two very strong willed Grandmothers. Their influence was long lasting and strict. They sent me bible prayers and took me to Meeting.
I was told about my ansestor Mayer Dyer. She was killed bythe Puritans for her Quaker belief that we are all children of god. Also that our dialog with god is a personnal one.
Her statue in Boston was held as a sense of pride. An example of a women who did not need affirmatoins.
Do I have my Grandmothers sense about right and wrong?
Do I have Mary's unshakable faith?
I am a christian.
I am a child of god.
I am......

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Secret is in the Sauce: Welcome!

The Secret is in the Sauce: Welcome!
I have read Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham - Hicks, Louise Hay, Saint Germaine and so many others. I have seen The Secret. I have played the prosperity game on the internet.

I am learning to take the information and transform myself on a cellular level. Energy is everything.
So the energy of lack is being told to play else where. While the energy of health is being asked in for tea.

I AM......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why I AM

I am more than the money in my wallet.
I am more than my limiting fears.
I am more than being my child's mom.
I am more than all the cliche categories of single mom, business women and divorced.

I am a beautiful woman -
a rough cut diamond that is not quite polished.
As my facets of this diamond appear I realize I AM...........