Thursday, November 19, 2009

To my Phaedrus

When we were introduced 30 years ago, professors said you were complicated. You hid your secrets from the world. You were discussed, but they told me your true meaning was allusive.
I looked at the black board staring at your thoughts and you were astonishingly clear. I couldn't believe you were so blatantly obvious. Why didn't they see you?
I jumped up to tell all that would listen to your secrets. Half way thru my outburst of telling your secrets, I started worrying I was betraying you. I ran from the room. I read some where that mystical secrets needed to stay that way.
Can I tell them now? The world is awakening. Conscious creation is apart of the worlds discussion.
Now that 30 years have pased, is there more you want to tell me?

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